Avrupa Serbest Bölgesi  Çorlu / Tekirdağ
Tel.:  (212) 886 17 87

Alugen aluminium is founded in April 2011 by professionals who has experiences over 10 years in the sector.
Following establishment, invested in a land covering 31.500 m2 at European Free Zone / Türkiye and laid the foundations of his future plans.
Has been a pioneer to the sector with the distinction of being the first aluminium production plant which is located at Free Zones and exporting its total capacity.
Began the construction of the factory in order to start up the first phase of the investment as fast as possible and the first indoor area of 3500 m2 become fully available in February 2012.
Has started up the Machining unit in June 2011 by renting a building at European Free Zone while his own factory was under construction. Also served his customers for industrial deliveries by following the productions through subcontractors within the same period .
Started up his first extrusion line which is a 1100 U.S. Ton press having 400 Tons/Month production capacity in June 2012.
A complete integrated industry with a production capacity of 25.000 Tons/Year is planned when all phases of the investment is completed including extrusion presses at different sizes, surface treatment units like anodizing and powder coating .
Profiles outside the borders of our extrusion line as well surface treatments are provided to customers through certified subcontractors until the start up of the next phases of our investments .
Customer profiles of different branches are produced with precise controls and with requested specifications and alloys ! Starting from the drawing stage of profiles , we are adding our experiences to the requirements of our customers in order to create collective and optimum solutions . The most common alloys we are working are ; EN AW 6060,6063,6005,6082 ve 6061 . Other alloys are worked depending project and quantities requested .